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Gerould's local experts evaluate your home and develop a solution that helps you live safely and independently. Well planned stair lifts, ramps and other home modifications make it easy for you to stay in your own home longer. We serve Upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania from Elmira, NY. Request a free evaluation today!

Wheelchair Ramps

EZ-Access Ramp

Modular ramps can get you safely in and out of your home. Portable ramps help you clear obstacles in walkways, get into vehicles or access raised patios. If getting into, out of or around your home is a challenge, let’s review options to make it simple.

What Types of Ramps are Best?

  • Different ramps suit different needs. If the entrance to your home is more than a few feet above the ground or if you’ll need to cover a long distance, you'll probably want a modular ramping system with rails, such as the EZ-ACCESS ramps. These are sturdier and safer for big jobs and can be configured to work with most spaces.
  • If you have a relatively straight path to work with and are only needing to clear a couple feet of height, a walkway ramp system or a semi-portable ramp might suffice.
  • If you need to rise several feet but have a very tight space to work with, you might consider a lift instead. Vertical platform lifts can be easy to install, fit into smaller spaces, and are easy to operate.
  • Maybe you already know the ideal solution for your needs or you'd like some help understanding the pros and cons of each possibility. Whatever your needs, a free evaluation can make it easy to decide and get started.

What Can I Expect?

  • Your free assessment is meant to be as easy on you as possible. We line up a time to meet with you, listen to your needs and concerns, and work together to find the right solution. Let’s set up a time to get started. Give us a call at 607-734-7220 or complete the our contact form.

What is the Installation Process Like?

  • Some projects can be installed quickly. Many aluminum, modular ramps can be set up in a couple of hours. Because wooden ramps require concrete footings, they can take longer to build. During your evaluation, one of our accessibility professionals will guide you through the processes and costs, so you can choose the best solution for your needs.

How Much Does a Ramp Cost?

  • Several factors influence how much your ramp is going to cost. During your evaluation, we’ll discuss:
    • The overall length of your ramp
    • The material used to build your ramp
    • The number of turns and landings your ramp will need
    • The space available for ramp configuration options

Which Brands of Wheelchair Ramps Do We Carry?

  • Our experienced team installs EZ-ACCESS ramps and lifts. We also carry EZ-ACCESS portable, suitcase and threshold ramps. 

We have rental and financing options available, too. We don’t want costs to get in the way of your safety and independence. There is a solution within your budget.

Stair Lifts

A stairlift makes your 2-story home safer and more accessible, helping you remain independent. Stairlifts give you access to all levels of your home with the click of a button. The accessibility experts at Gerould’s work with straight, custom, indoor or outdoor stairlifts. We'll evaluate your home to understand your needs and listen to your concerns. Let’s plan your free evaluation today.     

Are Stair Lifts Safe?

  • A professionally installed stairlift that is used correctly is a safe, reliable way to get up and down stairs. The brands we offer are quiet and ride smoothly, so you feel confident and secure. Call us at 607-734-7220 to speak with an accessibility expert today or fill out our online contact form.

How Much Does a Stairlift Cost?

The cost of a stairlift depends on several factors including:

  • The configuration of your stairway including length, height, turns and landings
  • Placement of your lift. Outdoor lifts are built to better resist the elements
  • Different stair chairs have different features, including premium upholstery, powder coating or more comfortable seats

Which Stairlift Brands Does Gerould's Carry?

  • Our knowledgeable team can help you find the right stair lift for your home and your budget. We work with the names you trust. 
    • Harmar
    • Acorn
    • Bruno

Just like with our ramping solutions, we have rental and finance options to help you find a stair lift system for your budget. Talk to a caring Gerould’s expert today at 607-734-7220.


See what customers have to say about Gerould's Independent Living Solutions services!

Gerould's stairlifts have made a major improvement in our quality of life! Over time it was increasingly more difficult for Sharon to get to our basement and our second story. We began to look for a solution with sellers that advertised heavily and they were considerably more expensive. We met with Gerould's stairlift experts and the strategies they recommended saved us a substantial amount. Sharon's quality of life has improved. No more pain going from one place to another. We're glad we decided to see what the local company could do! - Sharon and Robert Williams

We are very pleased that installation was so fast; we are glad we called you first! - Douglas M


Other Accessibility Solutions

Grab bar, Kitchen accessibility

Each person’s living situation may lend itself to a different combination of home accessibility modifications or products. We remodel bathrooms to make it easier to roll into your shower or to give you space for your chair to get up to the counter. We widen doorways or install grab bars. But sometimes, a floor covering or raising a toilet is all it takes to get your home to safely serve your needs. Call us at 607-734-7220 or reach out through this simple form to get helpful guidance today.

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