Voluntary Recall of Philips CPAP, Bipap, and Ventilator Units

VOLUNTARY RECALL NOTICE from Philips regarding Ventilators, Bipaps, and CPAP devices

Please note that Philips is NOT a primary manufacturer/vendor for Geroulds ventilators, Bipap, and CPAP devices. Geroulds primarily uses Resmed CPAP and BiPAP devices and Breas ventilators.

Geroulds is sharing this recall notice as a public safety announcement.

Any one who is using a Philips/Respironics CPAP, Bipap, or ventilator should register affected devices on the recall website, philips.com/src-update. The website provides current information on the status of the recall and how to receive permanent corrective action to address the two issues. The website also provides instructions on how to locate an affected device Serial Number and will guide users through the registration process.

Or, call 877-907-7508 if you cannot visit the website or do not have internet access