Rehab / Mobility

Gerould's Healthcare Center offers a full line of products designed to assist with rehabilitation and mobility. If you are looking for a standard or power wheelchair, scooter, ramps, stair lift, or seat lift chairs, our professional staff can help you find the right assistive device to meet your needs.

Wheelchair Consultant 

Gerould's Healthcare Center employs a professional seating and rehab consultant to provide complete instruction on the safe and effective use of the equipment and ongoing support. This professional is a certified Assistive Technology Professional or ATP, certified by RESNA, the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America. The consultant's expertise in the area of wheelchair seating and assistive technology devices is offered as a courtesy of Gerould's at no charge to the client. We will visit the client in the home to help in the selection of the wheelchair that best suits your needs.

Standard Manual Wheelchairs 

Reliable and economical, standard wheelchairs feature many options, which adapt to the comfort and performance needs of each individual. Your may choose from many arm styles, back heights and frame finishes. They are available with detachable arms, removable leg rests and come in variety of widths, easily folding for convenience

High-End Manual Wheelchairs 

A wide variety of high-end manual wheelchairs, such as ultra-lightweight folding and rigid frame wheelchairs and tilt-in-space wheelchairs, can be provided by Gerould's Healthcare Center as well. Our professional seating and rehab consultant will work closely with you and your clinicians to insure that the most appropriate and well-fit wheelchair is provided. We will obtain all necessary authorization required by your insurance and for your convenience will bill the selected equipment to your funding source on your behalf.

Power Wheelchairs 

Battery-operated chairs are controlled by the push of a joystick. They feature on-demand braking and quiet electronic operation. Available in a full range of seat widths, arm styles and rigging options, they have interchangeable left or right hand controls as well. Our professional seating and rehab consultant can also aid in the acquisition of your complex electric wheelchair needs. Working in accordance with your clinicians, we can help to ensure that the most appropriate wheelchair is provided for your home and community needs.


Gerould's Healthcare Center offers a wide variety of wheelchair accessories. We have cushions, trays, as well as an extensive selection of replacement parts.

Power Scooters 

Electric-powered, three- and four-wheeled scooters are ideal for both indoor and outdoor transportation. They feature lightweight construction and durability with dynamic breaking systems for downhill maneuverability, and are available in two-speed or variable-speed models. A variety of seating options are available to suit particular needs.

Stairglides/Stair Lifts

Effortlessly move upstairs and down with just the touch of a button. Enjoy the freedom of movement — room to room, floor to floor. Retain the décor and style that reflects your personal taste and preferences. Feel confident in the dependability and convenience that a stair glide provides, time after time, trip after trip.


What sets Gerould’s Independent Living Solutions apart?

Fully licensed
When it comes to helping people stay at home, you need a reliable agency you can trust. That’s why licensing is so important. Gerould’s Independent Living Solutions maintains the following licenses:

  • Medicare Certified with HQAA
  • Licensed Clinicians such as Assistive Technology Practitioners, Registered Respiratory Therapists to provide coordination of Disease Management Services for enhanced outcomes
  • Certified Customer and Repair Staff

Gerould’s Independent Living Solutions – Our Thanks to You!

Gerould’s Professional Pharmacies and Healthcare Center thank you for all of the assistance and support you have provided to us in the past! We look forward to working with you more in this new venue!


Please feel free to stop by and take a look at our new showroom design and new Independent Living Solutions products such as:

  • Best Bath Systems walk in tubs and barrier free showers!
  • Stair Lift Systems
  • Ramps
  • Ceiling Lifts and other Patient Lift Systems
  • Power wheelchairs and Scooters
  • Vehicle Lifts
  • Respiratory Products

Please let us know if we can provide and information or inservicing to your staff on our products and services, or if you would like information in regards to insurance coverage, reimbursement, lending programs, etc.