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Category: Bathroom Safety

The Oasis shower system provides an independent, safe, and hygienic shower experience for those that require some assistance when bathing.
This automated seated showering system provides a stable and effective means to wash and rinse all body parts—without the risk of falls and caregiver strain that can occur with a standard shower seat.
Fully automated, this system is equipped with a push-button soap application and rinse system.
The innovative seating surface has four moving pads that independently raise and lower to clean and rinse sensitive areas of the body.
All bathing functions can be operated either by the bather, or by a caregiver via a detachable control panel from up to 9 feet away.


• Restores comfort and dignity for the bather
• Prevents slips and falls in the shower area
• More independent experience improves comfort levels and relations with caregivers
• Reduces bathing time and water use
• Helps prevent bacterial infections and illness from waterborne pathogens by thoroughly washing and rinsing away dirty water
• Reduces strain and improves overall job satisfaction and professional standards for Caregivers

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Product Specifications

  • User Height : 4’10” to 6’5”
  • Maximum User Weight : 350lbs
  • Unit Weight : 150 lbs approximately
  • Power requirements : 110-120VAC 15A to power unit
  • Minimum Water Pressure : 36psi to 44psi inlet pressure

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