Home Modifications

Home Accessibility Tools & Resources

  • Preventing Falls

    We can help you access your environment and suggest ways to make it safer.

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  • Modify Your Home

    Learn more about the little things you can do to modify your home.

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  • Insurance Coverage

    A guide to understanding Medicare and insurance coverage.

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  • Wheelchair Users

    Learn about solutions that will help wheelchair users around the home.

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  • Online Assessment

    Fill out our online form and tell us what your accessibility needs are.

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  • Getting Around

    Learn more about improving an individual's ability to move around the home.

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Accessible Home Modifications for a Safer, More Comfortable  Home

Gerould's offers their accessible home modification services so our customers can live in their homes more safely, more independently and for longer. When the home you’re living in is no longer working for you due to age-related restrictions, a progressive disease, a spinal cord or brain injury or other restriction, accessible home modifications in your home can bring back your independence, safety and mobility and make life easier for you and caregivers.

How do you know what accessible home modifications are right for you? The certified staff Gerould's can help you evaluate your home environment to determine the best modifications and products to keep you or your loved one safe and living independently at home.  Our professional staff is also able to install the following products and/or perform the following services:

  • Barrier-free and low threshold showers
  • Ceiling lift systems
  • Grab bars for bathrooms
  • Interior and exterior door widening
  • Kitchen and bath counter modifications
  • Stair lift systems (Interior or Exterior)
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Wheelchair ramp systems (Interior or Exterior)